Thursday, April 25, 2013

Start of Spring 2013 at KCAI

Sanam Emami
We started off the semester by making a variety of vase forms.  One contemporary ceramic artist I have always admired for her work but especially her vases is Sanam Emami.  Her vases are unlike anything I have ever seen before and her approach to setting up different spouts for the flowers to grow in remind me of how flowers actually bloom themselves.
Chinese vase made in Jingdezhen
I have always admired ancient and current Chinese ceramics.  They produce beautiful, elegant forms that are normally finished with a base glaze then highly decorated with china painted or cobalt oxides topaint beautiful scenes of nature.  

White Calla Lilys
For years I have always admired flower arrangements and also enjoy putting them together for special occasions.  I have only done it a couple of times for girlfriends and of course for my mom on mothers day.  It is even more fun when you get to fill one of your own vases that you made and see how the flowers want to position themselves.