Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pitchers assignment 2013 KCAI

Josh Deweese Pitcher
From the moment I first saw Josh Deweese's work I was in love with it.  I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much because for years I always admired tight forms.  Josh is able to compose pots that have a very loose feeling with his cut away rims, large attached spouts, and sometimes pretty crazy handles that are pulled and manipulated.  His gestural brush strokes also flow very nicely with his forms.

Ancent Greek Wedding Pitcher
I have always admired ancient Greek pitchers for their unique style and different form designs.  The Greeks composed different pitchers, amphoras, and some of them even just look like vases.  Some of my favorites are the ones that have pointed bottoms that rest in another pot.  I admire this wedding pitcher for its simplicity, size, and beautiful white slip application.

Jeff Campana Pitcher
Jeff Campana is working unlike any other ceramic artist that I have ever seen.  He throws these beautiful porcelain forms, then cuts them in leaf like patterns.  After he has his forms completely destructed, he reassembles them exposing the lines.  He is a master not only at this technique but glaze formulation and application also.