Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 13, 2013

Gertrud & Otto Natzler
All of their pieces have incredible form language.  I find myself just following the whole profile of every pot.  They are even more talented at glazing their pieces with multiple layers of color variation.  This work has a strong sense of movement to it that I like.

Koie Ryoji
I enjoy these pots for their sense of freedom. They all of have a different personality based on their form and color.  I love how small the feet are, it makes the pots look as if they are floating and it helps complete each form.  

Eric Rempe
I recently saw this teapot at Red Star Studios in KC, MO for a show last month.  I really enjoy everything about the whole piece.  The lid is really beautifully done and the finish has a great contrast between the matte background glaze and glossy black paph orchids.

Claude Monet
This summer I visited the Philadelphia Art Museum.  I found myself spending a lot of time in the gallery where they showed a lot of Monet's paintings.  I am captivated by his use of strong vibrant colors that lead you into the depths of his landscapes.   

Ryan J. Greenheck
The first month of this semester I am focusing on jar forms.  I enjoy these jars for their very fine craftsman ship and glaze combinations  You follow the glaze down each pot that flows nicely in front of a matte finish.  It's really nice how the knobs echo the form of the pots.