Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 26, 2012

Shoji Hamada
I love this Shoji Hamada pot for it's elegance, beauty, and form.  This piece can be broken up into three defined sections.  The rim has a nice defined edge.  The body of the pot leads your eye around the piece with his slip decoration.  Finally the tall trimmed foot to lift the tea bowl off the surface.  

Steven Hill
This Steven Hill pitcher really stands out to me for it's form and surface.  Steven has achieved a way to have atmospheric like surfaces firing in cone 6 oxidation electric kiln.  He develops a wide variety of colors by applying a primer glaze and overlaying other glazes in sections through spraying.  

Dusk Sky in Madrid, Spain 
Roberto Zenfoid
I have always admired and enjoyed the sky and the clouds my whole life.  My absolute favorite is dusk skies over water.  I hope to get these effects on a body of my work some day.