Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 19, 2012

Emily Murphy place setting
I really adore this place setting by Emily Murphy.  It is beautifully crafted, the forms all go well with each other, and the variation of wax resist lines blend together quite nice.

Ancient Greek Pottery
While working on my service bowls, I added handles or "notches" to the sides of some of them.  I have been playing with adding thin lines to the surface of my bowls to help give the viewer another focal point to look at.  The lines and patterns on this ancient Greek pot really help draw your attention away from the handle and more to the details and form of the pot.  

Judy Chicago The Dinner Party

When I think of famous place settings only one comes to mind.  The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago has over 39 place settings.  All with distinct styles and forms that coincide with each other.