Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gerit Grimm
Production Pottery, 2011, Ceramic
I recently unpacked one of Gerit's pieces for an upcoming show at Red Star Studios.  Her work is stunning and really well thought out.  I love how she uses the potter's wheel as a tool to throw and alter vessels to create small and large scale human sculptures.  Her work is playful and inventive.  The little details within the hands and toes blew me away.  

Josiah Wedgwood
Pegasus Vase, 1786, Jasper Ware
After a visit to the Nelson Atkins Museum, I found myself wanting to return to the English Ceramics Collection.  One piece that particularly caught my eye was a Josiah Wedgwood piece.  I love his form language and blue and white finishes.  His works are beautiful parts of history that tell stories with their low carved reliefs.   I love how this one sits on a stand.  

Forrest Middleton
Bottles, 2012, Ceramic
Last year I saw Forrest's work in Ceramics Monthly.  He is a potter who uses image transferring to display intricate patterns inspired by the history of the Silk Road.  I love his forms and and his choice in imagery to display on his pots.  These bottle forms particularly caught my eye with their bulbous forms in the base that come up to tight necks with finials that reminisce the body of the pots.  

Linda Sikora
Jar, 2012, Ceramic
Linda Sikora focuses on jars for their generous canvas and criteria of containment.  I enjoy her forms for their reflection of folk pottery and melting glazes that lead your eye down each piece.  I am attracted to this jar for its simplicity, elegant form, and glaze combinations.  

Brett Kern
Astronaut, 2013, Ceramic
I first saw Brett's work on Instagram.  Never saw anything like it before, but could relate to it immediately.  As a child I had different types of inflatable toys that I used to play with.  Brett uses these to make molds and slip cast them to look almost identical to the plastic blow up toys.  They are awesome to see in person and I really hope to own one some day.