Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Arthur Gould
This slip cast tea-pot was really well done.  It has a lot of freedom and movement to it.  The artist made a wise choice by just glazing it in a black satin glaze so it does not take away from the form.  

Nathan Brunson
Although this large chalice looks relatively simple in form, the glaze is what stood out to be.  The amber celadon turned out really nice with the white drips over top of it.  There is an awesome red underglaze at the bottom of the piece too.  

Curtis Stewardson

I really adore ceramic baskets.  I have never seen one shaped like this before, with a very wide base and super thick handle this piece is quite different.  The interior blue glaze is really gorgeous as well as the glazes on top of the handle over the satin black.